If someone were to ask me,

"where would you want to be born",

Among so much beautiful land

Favaios I would choose.

The hills of the Douro plateau define the beauty of a region marked by a singular layout, wrapped in the shadows of a distant history, where every inch of land witnessed events that had repercussions on the delineation and morphology of this magical territory. From a soil essentially characterised by an extensive constitution derived from schist, sprout various granite formations that extend throughout the entire Demarcated Douro Region, of which Favaios is an integral part, with its plateau covered with vineyards that extend as far as the eye can see, where nature and human beings live in absolute harmony.
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The geomorphological history of the village of Favaios dates back to the Palaeozoic era, being a remnant of an ancient geostructural surroundings, derived from an ancient sedimentary deposit, established in a long gone ocean, which the geotectonic evolution transformed into an extensive mountain range, strongly wrinkled, dismantled by the erosive factors that acted on it over the years, leaving as a remnant the land where the parish is located today. The geomorphological identity is defined by a dichotomy that shapes the region, with a prominent granite extension located in the northern part of the territory, about 300 million years old, cut by several schist formations that spread through the remaining geographical space, having a direct influence on several factors and parameters that make possible the existence of unparalleled conditions for the production of the famous Moscatel of Favaios.



Fauna and Flora

The faunal and floral surroundings in the vicinity of the locality help to enhance the picturesque environment that is experienced, where Nature and human beings coexist in absolute immersion. The local sky is often crossed by different species of birdlife, such as the hawk and the buzzard eagle, and you can see various manifestations of terrestrial life such as the fox, the boar and the white-toothed shrew. All this fauna is supported by a flora of unequalled beauty, with various species of reference, such as the maritime pine, the cork oak, rosemary and broom.





The history of Favaios is naturally intertwined with the territory that surrounds it, characterized by extensive and intricate vineyards, which renders the plateau, creating a mosaic of different shades that mirrors the magic of a singular place. The elegance of the sinuosity of this characteristic element of the village combines with the adjacent landscape in a very particular way, defining not only the history of the place, but also touching the heart of all those who visit it.


“Chora a videira,

Chora a videirinha,

Chora a videira,

Ó prenda minha!”